Product Listing


This is an overview of our products. We carry many products which are not listed.

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LED Round bulbs


5.5w bc, es & ses in pearl

4w bc, es & ses in clear



Led Candles

index2w bc & ses in clear

4w bc, es, & ses in clear

5w es in pearl

5.5w bc & ses in pearl

5.5w sbc in clear


images4w bc in clear

6w bc & es in clear

6w bc in pearl

9w bc & es in pearl

15w bc & es in pearl

LED Spotlights


R80 8w & 11w es

R63 8w es

R50 6w ses

R39 3w ses


LED Gu10

images3w, 5w & 6w



LED Miscellaneous

indexG9 3w

G4 1,5w

Fridge bulb 1.3w ses

Striplight 284mm 4.5w


Halogen Bulbs

Candle  18w in sbc, ses, es & bc

Candle 28w in bc, sbc, es & ses

Candle 42w in bc, sbc & ses &es

Golf Ball 18w, 28w & 42w in sbc ses es &bc

GLS 28w in bc & es

GLS 42w in bc & es

GLS 70w in bc & es

GLS 100w in bc




GU10  replacement tool