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Garden tools

This is an overview of our products. We carry many products which are not listed.

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Roundup in concentrate, gel, 1l and 3l spray gun.

Pathclear and Weedol in concentrate and 1l spray gun.

Resolva 24 hour, Xtra tough & Path and Patio.



Granular feeds

Phostrogen All Purpose, Miracle Gro, Toprose and Growmore.

Fish blood & bone, Bonemeal, Sequestered iron plant tonic, Sulphate of potash and Epsom salts.

Liquid feeds

Doff Seaweed, Tomato, Growmore, Ericaceous, Container & basket, all purpose, rose and lawn feeds.

Baby Bio houseplant & Orchid.

Pest control

download (5)Slug pellets, copper tape, slug gel, traps, wool pellets, repellent.

Nippon ant powder, gel, spray. Ant bait station.

Get off and Defenders cat & dog repellent. Pepper dust.

Bug & fungus

Provanto bug killer.

Solabiol organic bug killer.

Bug clear concentrate.

Rose clear. Fungus clear.

Lawn care

Evergreen Complete.

Johnsons Tuffgrass,  Shady place, luxury lawn & quick lawn grass seed.

Doff lawn weedkiller, Vitax lawn clear.



Multi purpose compost in 5l, 10l & 20l.

Miracle Gro potting mix, Moisture control, Ericaceous and houseplant compost

Orchid & cactus repotting mix.


Plant support

Jute twine in natural & green.

Galvanised wire, plastic covered wire.

Bamboo canes 2,3,4,5,6 & 8 foot. Split canes. Willow pea sticks.

Plant twists, plant ties, shrub ties, plant rings, raffia.




download (7)

Seed trays, inserts, small propagators.

Plant labels and garden pen.

Plastic pots and saucers.

Fibre pots.