Product Listing

Slug Killer

download (42)Slug pellets, Slug stoppa tape, slug gel.


Ant Killers

Nippon Ant Killer in liquid, spray and powder.

Ant bait stations.

Misc Pest Repellers

download (43)

Get Off Cat & Dog repellent and Pepper Dust.

Stv cat and dog scatter granules.

Squirrel repellent spray.

Pest Control

This is an overview of our products. We carry many products which are not listed.

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Insect Killer Sprays

Dethlac, Insectrol, Home Blitz and Kybosh Insect killer sprays.



download (41)


Spider repellent Spray.

Spider killer spray.

Spider catcher.


Sonic Repellers

Big Cheese Sonic Repeller and Advanced Pest Repeller.

Defenders sonic Cat & dog repeller.

Moth Killer Products

downloadAcana and Aeroxon moth traps.

Rentokil Moth Killer papers, hanging units, Insectrol spray and carpet powder.

Zensect hanging units and moth proofer balls.

Zero clothes moth spray, moth balls and carpet moth spray.

Cedar balls and cedar wood spray.

Acana moth killer fabric spray.


Fly Killer Products

Fly Papers.

Fly & Wasp Killer spray.

Window Fly Sticker, Small Space fly killer and Cassette Fly Killer.

Mouse & Rat traps

Traditional wood mouse & rat traps.

Self set metal mouse & rat traps.

Quick Click mouse traps.

Humane mouse and rat traps.