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Small animal

This is an overview of our products. We carry many products which are not listed.

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Mr Johnsons small animal food

Supreme Junior and Dwarf Rabbit Mix. 1k & 3k.

Supreme Rabbit Mix 3k

Advance Rabbit pellets. 1.5k.

Supreme Guinea pig mix. 1k & 3k.

Hamster and Gerbil mix. 900g

Rat & Mouse 900g

Excel Guinea Pig

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Adult 2k & 4k.

Blackcurrant 2k.



Excel Rabbit


Adult  2k & 4k

Junior & dwarf 2k & 4k.


Charlie Chinchilla.

Bathing sand.

Hay and straw

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Pillow wad hay 1k & 2.25k.

Pillow wad straw 1k & 2k.


Timothy Hay.

Compressed Shavings

Available in large and mini.

Mini Lavender scented.


Small Animal Bedding

Nestex natural fibre bedding.

Animal Dreams paper bedding.

Animal Dreams wool bedding.

Back To Nature Bedding.


Water bottles available in 3 sizes.

Water bottle covers.

Food bowls.


Rotastak choc,Milk drops& fruity bites.

Vitakraft hamster, guinea pig and rabbit sticks.

Golden corn.