Product Listing

Rubber toys

Dumbells, balls, rings, bones,Super Gripper.

Cat toys

Acticat play tunnel, kong wubba, ping pong balls, teaser toys and treat ball.

Catnip mice in various shapes and sizes.

Catnip  Leaves.


This is an overview of our products. We carry many products which are not listed.

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Soft toys

Meerkats, Raggy foxes, sheep and Bear

Migrator pheasant, swan and duck.

Softy Bones, and fluffy bears.

Small Bite Rabbit,Penguin,Fox & Lamb.

Latex toys

Doggy Dolittle pigs and ducks.

Latex balls.

Space Lobber.


Puppy toys

download (33)Small bite vinyl and tennis balls.

Mini raggy and puppy kong.

Nylabone and puppy bone.

Rope toys

download (32)

Threads Bungee Ring, Bungee Figure8,

Three Ball Squeaky, Crackle Stick.

Tug toys, rope balls, knotted rope toys and braids.


download (31)

Tennis balls, small & large, in singles and packs.

Floating balls, rubber balls, sponge balls and latex balls.

Kong balls, sports balls and ropeballs.

Ball launchers.


images (7)Kong rubber Classic & Extreme. Puppy kong and Goodie bone.

Air kong balls, dumbells, bones, football, donut, sticks, Kong Knots, Cruncheez, Bendeez,


Stuff paste & snacks.