Product Listing

LED Antique lamps

4w Bc in pear and globe shapes

4w ES in glsdownload (47)

Cable clips and ties

download (14)Black or white cable ties:

2.5 x 100mm, 3.6 x 140mm, 4.8 x 160mm, 4.8 x 370mm

Cable clips:

Flat white twin cable clips, flat grey 2.5mm,  white round 5mm and 7mm.

Cable tidy

Electrical cable

images (5)10m satellite cable

5m flat flex 2 core

10m bell wire 2 core

5m black/white speaker wire

5m & 10m round flex 3 core suitable for table lamps

5m round flex 3 core suitable for tumble dryers and washing machines

Vacuum cleaners

download (13)Quest 2 in 1 vacuum

Vax handheld vacuum.

Phone chargers

download (6) charger leads For iPhones 3 & 4 and 5 & 6 and Samsung.

USB and 12v power charger for most popular brands

USB power Adaptor

Powerbank .

Extension reels

download (11)2 Socket 15m 13a reel

2 Socket 15m 10a reel

4 Socket 5m 13a reel

LED Miscellaneous

indexG9 3w

G4 1,5w

Fridge bulb 1.3w ses

Striplight 284mm 4.5w




LED Gu10

images3w, 5w & 6w


images4w bc in clear

6w bc & es in clear

6w bc in pearl

9w bc & es in pearl

15w bc & es in pearl