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Wild Bird

This is an overview of our products. We carry many products which are not listed.

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Metal feeders

Gardman Black Steel & Heavy Duty seed and peanut feeders.


Plastic Feeders

Gardman flip top feeders and Supa feeders for seed and peanuts.

Niger feeder, fat ball feeder, suet block feeder.

Mealworm & suet pellet feeders.

Window feeder.


Bird Feeding stations.

Deluxe wooden bird tables.

Nest boxes.

Wild bird treats

Suet pellets, suet blocks, suet logs and peanut cakes.

Fat balls, coconuts and seed bells.

Mealworms in 500g, 250g and 125g.

Squirrel Proof feeders

Standard seed & peanut feeders.

2 in 1 feeder,& Fatball Feeder,

Suet Block Feeder.


Peanuts in 25k, 5k, 2.5k, 1k, 500g.

Peanuts in shells in 500g.

Wild Bird Seed

Mixed seed in 20k, 5k, 3k 1k & 500g.

Sunflower hearts, black sunflower, striped sunflower and niger seed in 1k & 500g.

Robin & Blue tit seed,No Grow 850g.