Product Listing

Fabric protectors

FabsilFabsil, Scotchguard and Tableau fabric protectors.



Bleach & Disinfectant.

Jeyes Fluid, Zoflora, & Kleenoff.

HG HygienicToilet Cleaners.

Jeyes Freshbin and HG Bin Fresh.

Fridge Cleaners & Deodorisers


download (2)HG Freezer de-icer.

Croc odor Fridge Fresh deodoriser.


Floor Cleaners and Polishes

HG cleaners and protective coatings for laminate, parquet, tile, stone, marble,slate, lino & resin floors.

Astonish wood floor polish. Ewbank all purpose polish.

Tableau Red Tile polish and Red Tile Liquid Shine.

Flash and Pledge multi surface Cleaner.



Neutrodol Gel and Aerosol.

Airwick and HG Aircare.

Croc odor fridge freshener.

Jeyes Freshbin.

Shake ‘n’ vac.


Oust All Purpose, dishwasher & washing machine descalers.

HG Service engineer and HG Quick Descaler.

Kilrock liquid and gel descalers.

Calgon tablets and stainless steel kettle descalers.

Bathroom Cleaners

HG Shower Shield, Bath Shine, Scale Away and Limescale Remover.

HG Hygienic Whirlpool bath Cleaner.

Cif cream, Shiny Sinks.

Toilet cleaners and bleach.

Sink and bath drain unblockers.

Dishbrushes and Scourers

Fantail, rectangular, round, wooden and mophead dishbrushes.

Scotch-brite, Vileda, Brillo, and metal scourers.



Leather Cleaners

Tableau Foam Leather Cleaner.

HG 4 in 1.

Lord Sheraton leather balsam.

Leather Wipes.




Glue & Sticky Label Removers

Tableau and HG Sticky Label Removers.

Loctite Glue Remover.

HG Floor Glue remover.