Product Listing

DIY Tools

This is an overview of our products. We carry many products which are not listed.

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Regretfully we are unable to sell online or by telephone, and do not offer a delivery or postal service.


Flat, Phillips & cross slot screwdrivers in a large range of sizes.

Electricians screwdrivers.

Ratchet precision screwdriver sets.



Pein, Claw and Ball Hammers.

Lump hammers and Mallets.

Wrenches and Spanner Sets.

Adjustable and Self Grip wrenches.

Stillson Pipe and Adjustable Basin wrenches.

Spanner sets.


Mini, Combination, Long nose and Diagonal Side Cutter pliers.

Waterpump and self grip pliers.

Tinsnips, Carpenters pincers and punch pliers.


Junior and standard Hacksaw and blades.

Coping saw and blades.

Handsaw and Tenon Saw.

Bow Saw and blades.

Plasterboard Saw.

Stanley Knives and Scrapers

Retractable, Fixed and Disposable Stanley Knives and spare blades.

Draper retractable knives.

Stanley and Harris Window Scrapers.


Wood Working Tools

downloadWood Chisels and Files.

Planes and Stanley shavertools.

Carpenters Pencils and Carpenters Pincers.

Wood Axes and axe handles.



Drills and Drill bits

Black & Decker drills.

Metal, Masonry and Wood drill bits.

Bradawl and Gimlets.

Countersink Bit. Chuck Keys.

Measuring Tools

Tape Measures in 3m, 5m and 8m.

Steel rules.

Spirit Levels.

Luggage Weighing Scales.