Product Listing


SureflapSureflap microchip catflap.

Easily programmable to keep out unwanted visitors.

Battery operated.

4 way manual lock.

Cat posts

Cat scratching posts and mats available in a variety of sizes and designs.

Waste bags

Waste bags available in 40s & 60s.

Pooper scoopers.


Gentle leader, Halti,  Non pull harness and  nylon harness.

Car safety harness.

Mikki nylon muzzles.

Pet Accessories

This is an overview of our products. We carry many products which are not listed.

For further information and stock availability please call 01242 521666 during opening hours.


Regretfully we are unable to sell online or by telephone, and do not offer a delivery or postal service.

Training & identity

Whistles, training leads, clicker and Pet corrector.

Get off spray, No scratch, and training pads.

Cat and dog identity tags.

Dog Coats

download (2)Diamond quilt, Moorland green,  Highland tartan, Stormguard, Timberwolf extreme wax, Greyhound & whippet coats.

Small, medium & large. Other sizes available to order.

Pet doors

download (25)Staywell pet doors – small, medium & large.

Classic & Deluxe cat flaps.

Big cat door.

Sureflap microchip cat flap.

Pet Beds

images (2)Plastic dog beds. Fibre beds. Mattresses. Fleece blankets.

Cat igloos. Radiator beds.


Cat & dog brushes, combs and slickers.

Zoom groom. Ancol Shedmaster. Grooming gloves.

Flea combs.

Nail clippers.