Product Listing


This is an overview of our products. We carry many products which are not listed.

For further information and stock availability please call 01242 521666 during opening hours.


Regretfully we are unable to sell online or by telephone, and do not offer a delivery or postal service.


download (38)Addis superdry and flat mop.

Vileda supermocio, magic and flat mops.

Whatmore cotton mops.

Traditional string mop heads.

Replacement mop heads available for Addis and Vileda mops.



9LĀ and 5L Lucy buckets.

Galvanised buckets.

Builders buckets.


Mop Buckets

Galvanised mop buckets.

Whatmore plastic mop buckets.

Vileda supermocio bucket.


Bass brooms.

Deck scrub.

Coco broom.

Brown or green pvc brooms.

Corn broom.

Whatmore soft & stiff brooms.

18″ Platform brooms.



Deck brushes and scrubbing brushes.

Short and long handled dustpan & brush sets.

Bottle brushes, dishbrushes and nailbrushes.

Cobweb and radiator brushes.

Clothes brushes and shoe brushes.


Irons, Ironing boards and covers.

Concertina, folding, overbath, radiator and rotary airers. Soil spears.

Washing lines & props, clothes pegs & pegbags, laundry baskets and laundry bags.


Sink and Bath Accessories

Sink and bath plugs, sink chains and tap swirls.

Shower hoses & heads, shower & bath mats, shower curtains and squeegees.

Towel rails and bathroom scales.

Toilet brushes and toilet seats.

Sink and toilet plungers.

Curtain Accessories

Curtain hooks and wooden rings.

Gliders and end stops.


Picture Hanging Accessories

Picture hooks and pins.

Picture wire and cord.

Hard wall hooks, screw eyes and D rings.

Picture rail hooks.

Command picture hanging strips.