Product Listing

Wasp Nest Destroyers

Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam and powder.

Wasp & Fly Killer aerosol.


Window, Glass and Mirror Cleaners

Windolene and HG Window Cleaner.

Mr Muscle window cleaner.

HG Glass cleaner.

HG Chandelier cleaner. HG Stove Glass cleaner.

White vinegar.

Glass cloth.

Vileda window cloth.

Wood Polishes and Waxes.

Antiquax wax polish. Button polish & French polish.

Briwax tins and Beeswax sticks. HG clear, yellow & brown beeswax.

Stones furniture cream. Lord Sheraton wood balsam and Caretaker polish.

Mr Sheen & Pledge.





KilnerPreserving jars

Jam jars

Sloe Gin bottles

Also available a full range of accessories

LED bulbs

Candle LED


download (3)Jam jars

Wax discs, covers and labels

Preserving jars and bottles

Sloe gin bottles

Jelly bags, cheesecloth and muslin

Maslin pans




Miele bags

download (6)

Roberts Radios

download (18)Digital and Analogue Roberts Radios.

Roberts Radio/CD Player.

Roberts Clock radios.

Travel Adaptors

UK Visitor Adaptor 13A.

European Travel Adaptor.

Intercontinental Travel Adaptor.