Product Listing

Aluminium Foil Range

Foil trays with and without lids.

Pie plates and Pie dishes.

Flan cases and 1lb and 2lb pudding basins.

Kitchen foil roll 300mm x 10m.


Ant Killers

Nippon Ant Killer in liquid, spray and powder.

Ant bait stations.


Roasting tins, roasting racks and loaf tins.

Pyrex casserole and roasting dishes. Enamel cookware.

Baking trays, brownie pans and muffin tins.

Sandwich pans, cake tins, flan and tartlett tins.


Bathroom Cleaners

HG Shower Shield, Bath Shine, Scale Away and Limescale Remover.

HG Hygienic Whirlpool bath Cleaner.

Cif cream, Shiny Sinks.

Toilet cleaners and bleach.

Sink and bath drain unblockers.

Bike Accessories

Locking and Combination Cables.

Bicycle pumps.

Bike Bells & Lights.

Puncture repair kits and Butyl tubes.

Hi vis jacket.



Bin Bags

Compostable food caddy bags, 7, 10 & 30L.

Brabantia bags in 3, 5, 12, 20, 30 & 50L.

15L pedal bin bags. 50L swingbin bags. Traditional black dustbin bags.

Wheelie bin, garden bin and rubble sacks.



Bleach & Disinfectant.

Jeyes Fluid, Zoflora, & Kleenoff.

HG HygienicToilet Cleaners.

Jeyes Freshbin and HG Bin Fresh.

Brabantia bin bags

Brabantia bagsBrabantia bin bags.

Available in 3l, 5l, 12l, 20l, 20l slimline, 30l & 50l.

Brita Filter Jugs and Filters

Brita filter jugs.

Refills stocked in Classic, multifit and maxtra


Bass brooms.

Deck scrub.

Coco broom.

Brown or green pvc brooms.

Corn broom.

Whatmore soft & stiff brooms.

18″ Platform brooms.