Product Listing


Deck brushes and scrubbing brushes.

Short and long handled dustpan & brush sets.

Bottle brushes, dishbrushes and nailbrushes.

Cobweb and radiator brushes.

Clothes brushes and shoe brushes.



9L and 5L Lucy buckets.

Galvanised buckets.

Builders buckets.


Cake Making Accessories

Cake tins, cooling racks and cakeboards.

Piping sets, icing bags and paper cases.

Rolling pins, palette knives and pastry spatulas.

Cookie cutters, pastry cutters and pastry brushes.

Ceramic and plastic pudding basins, pyrex jugs and bowls.


Cake Tins

6 & 12 hole cake trays.

Sandwich pans and flan tins.

Square cake pans and springform round cake tins.

Muffin trays and brownie pans. Cake cooling trays.

Can and Bottle Openers

Can openers.

Bottle and jar openers.

Corkscrews, bottle stoppers and pourers.


Altar candles in three sizes.

Tapered candles in white, ivory. red, wine red, green, silver & gold.

Tealights and citronella candles.

Household candles and wax lighting tapers.

Cooks matches and Bryant Long matches.

Prices candles in tins, jars and tealights – Chefs, Anti tobacco, Open window, Household.

Car & Bicycle

This is an overview of our products. We carry many products which are not listed.

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Regretfully we are unable to sell online or by telephone, and do not offer a delivery or postal service.

Car Accessories

Booster Cables in 1200cc, 1600cc, 1800cc.

Foot pumps and Tyre levers.

Tow Ropes.

Elastic luggage straps.

L plates.

Air fresheners.

Car Cleaning & Polishing

Triplewax Car shampoo & Triplewax Car Polish. Original T Cut.

Chamois Leathers and Sponges. Car Air Fresheners.

Car Lubricant

Carlube Lithium 2 Multi-Purpose Grease.

3-in-1 oil.