Product Listing


Neutrodol Gel and Aerosol.

Airwick and HG Aircare.

Croc odor fridge freshener.

Jeyes Freshbin.

Shake ‘n’ vac.


Oust All Purpose, dishwasher & washing machine descalers.

HG Service engineer and HG Quick Descaler.

Kilrock liquid and gel descalers.

Calgon tablets and stainless steel kettle descalers.

Dishbrushes and Scourers

Fantail, rectangular, round, wooden and mophead dishbrushes.

Scotch-brite, Vileda, Brillo, and metal scourers.



Door Mats


Plain and patterned door mats in Coir.

Rubber mats.

Bootscrapers, coir and galvanised.

Trio rib mats.


Drain Unblockers

images (7)Sink and drain unblockers by HG, Mr Muscle, Kleen off and Kilblock

Spirit of Salts, Caustic Soda and Soda Crystals.

Drainers and Organisers

Cutlery and plate drainers in plastic and chrome.

Cutlery organisers.

Tool tidys.

Drinks Accessories

Corkscrews, bottle openers, foil cutters, and bottle pourers.

Bottle and champagne stoppers.


Wine glasses, tumblers and hiball glasses.

Ice cube trays and ice cube bags.







Traditional galvanised Steel in 10″, 16″ & 18″ diameter.

80L Black Plastic dustbins.




Feather, lambswool and synthetic dusters.

Yellow cotton dusters.

Dylon Fabric Dye

download (7)Hand dye.

Machine dye with salt included.

Wash and dye in black, jeans blue and chocolate.


Pre dye.