Product Listing

Fabric protectors

FabsilFabsil, Scotchguard and Tableau fabric protectors.



Fan Heaters 2kw & 3kw

Up right fan heater.

Flat fan heater.

Dual fan heater.



Fire Guards


3 Fold fireguards.

4 fold fireguards.

Fire Lighters & Firelogs

downloadWrapped in 16s.

Traditional in 15s and 30s.

Gardeco firelog.


Fireplace Maintenance

Stove and Fireplace Paint.

Soot reducer and Kos fireplace cement.

Stove glass cleaner and black grate polish.

Stove rope and heatbond.

Fireside Tools

Pokers, tongs, shovels and brushes.

Companion Sets.

Ashpans and hearth tidys.


Thermos flasks in both plastic and metal in a selection of sizes.

Thermos food flasks.

Thermos travel mugs.

Floor Cleaners and Polishes

HG cleaners and protective coatings for laminate, parquet, tile, stone, marble,slate, lino & resin floors.

Astonish wood floor polish. Ewbank all purpose polish.

Tableau Red Tile polish and Red Tile Liquid Shine.

Flash and Pledge multi surface Cleaner.


Fly Killer Products

Fly Papers.

Fly & Wasp Killer spray.

Window Fly Sticker, Small Space fly killer and Cassette Fly Killer.

Food Storage

Bag clips, twist ties, bowl and food covers.

Freezer bags and labels, ice cube trays and icepacks.

Plastic seal-tight boxes.

Tablecoths and clips, paper plates and cups.